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1-Stop-Shop! Here you can find everything to renovate your home

Precut Sauna Packages (FPC) (Also referred to as Material Packages)

All material packages are made to order. Our precut packages are intended for use in a space that you have framed and insulated. Anyone with general carpentry experience can build a Sauna out of our FPC parts. We supply all the interior room parts and you nail or staple our 1"x 4" tongue and groove boards to your stud frame; our boards will run horizontally. We cut the material and build parts to fit your room; we don't just supply a pile of uncut lumber and unassembled pieces.

Standard Precut Packages include the following:

  • All-clear 1"x 4" (11/16" thick) Western Red Cedar for your walls and ceiling
  • Trim and base boards in matching wood
  • Assembled benches made of 2"x 2" tops with 1/2" spacing and 2"x 4" facing
  • Prehung glass door with solid wood rails and V.G. Douglas Fir lamination, ¾" thick threshold, and interior casing
  • Assembled headrest(s) for upper benches
  • Sauna heater model FLB with built-in controls (exterior wall controls optional) or FLC heater for larger size rooms
  • Stones-50 to 100# (depending on heater size)
  • Wooden heater guard
  • Super Dek, interlocking flooring squares for walking area (Super Dek plastic mat overlays on your existing floor)
  • P5511 Wall light, V10 Metal Vents (V5 Cedar Vents available), Nails, DVD Instructions, and Sauna Accessories including 102N Wooden Bucket with plastic liner, 106/40 Dipper, 0301K Thermometer, 079 Headrest for each upper bench, and Bathing Sign
  • Type C Building Foil (Vapor Barrier/Heat Reflector)

Preparation for FPC Sauna Package

  • Frame room to desired size using wood or metal studs. Our T&G boards are nailed directly to the wood frame. Metal studs require drywall and 1x2 (3/4" thick) wood nailing strips.
  • Lower ceiling to 7 0" from finished floor.
  • Frame door rough opening to 26" x 82" for standard 2' 0" door.
  • Frame in an upper and a lower vent box with rough opening of 4" x 10".
  • Install rough electrical for Sauna heater, wall light, and wall control (if applicable). Single gang rough in for wall light should be 78" from the floor or 6” below the ceiling.
  • Insulate all walls and ceiling with R-13 fiberglass batt insulation.
  • Install waterproof floor of tile, vinyl, or cement. A drain in the Sauna is optional for residential but is recommended for commercial use. FPC Package does not include a solid surfaced floor.
  • Finish the exterior Sauna walls with drywall or some type of paneling. Finlandia does not provide exterior paneling for FPC packages unless it is requested.

Prefabricated Rooms (FPF)

Prefab Saunas are complete, freestanding, self-contained rooms engineered with fast and effortless installation in mind. They can be put anywhere you have an open space. The space needs to be a little larger than the actual Sauna room size. You must provide a waterproof floor (concrete, tile, or vinyl). FPFs contain all interior and exterior parts. Our prefabs can be installed by the homeowner over any hard-surfaced waterproof floor. We have an exclusive locking system inside each of our panels which makes our prefab the fastest to install, the strongest, and the most custom looking Sauna on the market. Average panel width is 24” so wall sections can be easily brought through the house. The area where the Sauna is to be installed needs a minimum ceiling height of 87”, or if the Sauna room is 8’ x 8’ or larger the minimum ceiling height is 89”. Our wall sections go together without any screws, splices, or bolts. Electrical hookup is made easy because we have electrical conduit sealed within the walls, and the optional wall control is pre-mounted. Electrical power enters at the top of the Sauna room standard.

Our FPF units are shipped in pre-framed, insulated, and paneled sections, and include:

  • All pre-built/insulated wall and ceiling panels. 1"x 4" clear Western Red Cedar is the standard interior-Mahogany plywood is the standard exterior (cedar exterior is optional).
  • Assembled benches made of 2"x 2" tops with ½" spacing and 2"x 4" facing made in matching wood
  • Prehung clear glass door with solid wood rails with V.G. Douglas Fir lamination
  • Trim for exterior
  • Assembled headrest(s) for upper bench(es)
  • Sauna heater model FLB with built-in controls (exterior wall controls are an option) or model FLC for larger size rooms
  • Stones - 50 to 100 lbs. (depending on room size)
  • Wooden heater guard
  • Super Dek, interlocking flooring squares for walking area of room (Prefab Sauna does not come with a solid surfaced floor. Sauna needs to be assembled on a level concrete, tile, or vinyl floor.)
  • P5511 Wall light, Light Switch (if exterior control is not ordered), V10 Metal Vents (V5 Cedar Vents are optional), Screws, DVD Instructions, and Sauna Accessories including 102N Wooden Bucket with plastic liner, 106/40 Dipper, 0301K Thermometer, 079 Headrest for each upper bench, and Bathing Sign. 

Exclusive Prefab Option:

5-Sided Sauna-FPF66-5S

Our newest product from our prefab department is the exclusive five-sided modular Sauna. Available in a 6'x6' size with 7' ceiling, this beautiful room is a showpiece for home or office. The full glass door and clear glass windows in the two side walls offer a spacious open feeling for the bather. We offer a choice of one of our four clear Western woods for the interior and a choice of Alaska Yellow Cedar or clear Western Red Cedar for the exterior.

Outdoor Sauna

Our outdoor Sauna is the same as our FPF Sauna except that it includes an unassembled cedar shingle roof package. You supply the waterproof pad and we provide the insulated modular room. Outdoor Saunas may be assembled on a concrete pad or on a deck. If installing on a deck first put down a sheet of ¾" plywood covered by vinyl or use concrete board with tile. The roof package includes wood plates, prefab rafters, nailers, facing, metal flashing, cedar shingles, ridge cap, and nails. You put it together. It includes the same components as the standard FPF package. The Outdoor Sauna is available in sizes ranging from 4'x 4' to 8'x 8'.

FRP Roof Kit

FRP Roof Kit comes unassembled. The kit includes Facia pieces, Rafter sections, Risers, Nailers, Side Trim, Cedar Shingles, Top Ridge, Metal Flashing, Liner for underside of front, back, and sides, and Nails. Roofing felt paper is not included. The finished height is 8' 6". The roof overhangs the prefab Sauna by 6" on the back and the sides and overhangs 12" in the front. When using a roof kit power enters at the front of the side wall near the bottom, close to where the heater is located. The upper vent is cut in the ceiling and it vents through the eaves.

STR Starline Skylight Roof Kit

STR Roof Kit comes in one piece. It is a made of 3 layers of Thermopane Acrylic. The skylight roof is tinted but is clear enough to see through. It lets in sunlight during the day and starlight at night. The Starline roof is available in 4' x 4', 4' x 6', 5' x 6', 6' x 6', 5' x 7', and 6' x 8' sizes. When using the skylight roof kit power enters at the front of the side wall near the bottom, close to where the heater is located.

Outdoor Kit

When ordering a roof kit we also recommend ordering our Outdoor Kit. The Outdoor Kit includes Stainless Steel Hinges, Wet Location Light Switch, Custom Electrical, and includes sealing the glass in the Sauna door and any additional sidelight windows.





Standard Doors

Our standard Sauna door is 24" x 80" and is fitted with clear insulated glass measuring 16" x 60". Standard rough opening is 26" x 82". Standard jamb is made of Hemlock with jamb width of 4 3/4". All doors available with left or right hinge. See below for important ordering information

Exclusive Etched Glass Options

Our exclusive glass options have been custom designed and etched by an artist. When ordering this option, you have a choice of our unique Sauna Scene or Rustic Sauna designs in positive or negative image, or a choice of our beautiful Scenic Designs: Mt. Hood, Multnomah Falls, Liberty, Lighthouse, or Sailboat. Artwork is sealed inside the insulated glass unit so that etchings are protected from smudging or scratching. Etchings are available for the 24" door size only but some custom sizes may be special ordered.

When Ordering Specify:

FGD: Door only-no jamb or hardware.

FGD-R: Prehung with right hinge.

FGD-L: Prehung with left hinge.

Hinge is determined by standing outside Sauna room, facing the door. Order FGD-R if door will open out to the right. Order FGD-L if door will open out to the left. FGD-L and FGD-R come complete with jamb, threshold, hinges, ball catch, and 2 wooden door pulls. Standard jamb is 4 ¾" and there is an extra charge for jambs over 5 ½". Standard Sauna doors are 24"x 80" with an RO (rough opening) of 26"x 82". Also available are 30"x 80" doors with RO of 32"x 82", and 36"x 80" (ADA handicapped) with RO of 38 ½” x 82”.

Sauna Accessories

Buckets, Pails, and Dippers

Our wooden accessories are beautifully handcrafted of Finnish pine and Finnish craftsmanship. A bucket and dipper are essential Sauna accessories. A dipper or two of water splashed over hot Sauna stones creates vapor (löyly) that promotes perspiration to flush the pores. It also transforms the hot dry air into a comfortable moist atmosphere. Without the use of water, the bather cannot enjoy a truly authentic Sauna experience. Since our buckets are made of natural wood, which has a tendency to expand and contract in the heat of the Sauna, we highly recommend our heavy duty bucket liner (100L) to prevent leakage.

Sauna-Fresh Aromas

Enhance your Sauna experience with one (or all five) of our natural, Sauna-Fresh fragrances. Each bottle holds 1.8 oz. of pure essence. It is so concentrated that only 5 to 10 drops need be added to a bucket of water, or just one or two drops to a dipper of water. Pour this scented water slowly over the hot stones and enjoy. It's great for steam rooms too-pour a few drops in the receptacle of a steam head and enjoy the scent released with the steam.

Thermometers, Hygrometers and Sand Timer

A thermometer is a necessary accessory in the Sauna as it is important to know the correct temperature. After heating your Sauna room for at least thirty minutes, an average temperature would be about 180°F. Hang your thermometer 6" below the ceiling directly above your Sauna heater. Another useful item is the hygrometer. It will indicate the Sauna humidity, which usually ranges from 10 to 35%, depending upon the amount of water used on the stones.

Mirror and Towel Hangers

Brushes and Brush Sets

Birch or alder bath brushes have soft, natural bristles. Great for an invigorating scrub in the shower or bath after a Sauna.

Wall Signs

Sauna Pillows

Sauna pillows offer the greatest comfort for resting your head or when leaning on your arm. Pillows are made of linen and are machine washable. The 2225 is filled with small foam beads. All other pillows are filled with polyester.

Door Handles, Hardware, Vents, Stones, and Light

Wooden Light Shade

Curved Light Shade is made of Pine or Birch wood. Shade screws to wall and fits over standard P5511 wall light. Size is 7¾" w x 9" h x 7 1/8" d.

All of our heaters have:

  • Stainless steel elements for long life.
  • Large rock capacity for heat storage.
  • Direct rock contact with heating elements-necessary to filter the harsh heat radiating from the 1400° F elements, to eliminate the electo magnetic field for safe and therapeutic bathing: (the bather feels only pleasant, soft heat) and to produce the best steam when water is poured over them.
  • Free airflow for faster heating.
  • Maximum strength and durability from pressed metal design. 

Model FLB

Wall mounted heater. Size: 16"w x 11"d x 24"h. Built-in controls with silent 60-min. timer. Exclusive 1-8 hr. programmable time clock allows Sauna to be preset up to 8 hrs. in advance of heating. Controls can be side mounted. FLB has long-lasting stainless steel elements and stainless interior. Glossy baked enamel casing. Welded unibody with compressed metal design for greatest strength. Available in 3, 4.5, 6, and 8 KW sizes.

Model FIN

Wall mounted. Size: 16"w x 11"d x 24"h. Uses wall control and contactor (if necessary). Stainless steel interior, top; glossy baked enamel exterior. Available in 3, 4.5, 6, and 8 KW sizes.

Stainless Option

Stainless steel--interior and exterior. Available in FLB and FIN models. Recommended for commercial installations (health clubs, hospitals, military installations, coastal areas with salty air, etc.).

Club Model

Floor model heater. Size: 19 7/8"w x 17"d x 27 1/2"h. The Club model heater replaces the FLC model floor heater. Club model uses Griffin digital control or manual wall control. It is entirely made of stainless steel with stainless steel elements for durability and long life. Ideal for large Saunas and commercial health clubs. Available in 10, 12.5, and 15 KW sizes. 132 lb. stone capacity.